About Barking Minds

Barking Minds is designed as a company to make it easier for developers, designers, marketers and testers to work together and deliver high-quality applications.

We're a small company with minimal overhead because Barking Minds is about shipping products. We make it easy for contributors to work better together - rivaling the quality of any funded company. We develop our products with our own sweat-equity, bootstrapping our products as we get them off the ground.

How do we do that? We leverage talents of those wiling and able to participate to build great products. We foster an open environment where contributors are rewarded for their contributions to each product. We then transparently and fairly allocate profits in our products right back to those contributors.

We also work smart. We focus on lean and agile processes to make sure we can get the most our of our collective effort. We know this process works as evidenced by our releasing Maptini, our first app, in a short, three week planning and development process. We'll continue to improve Maptini as well as introduce new products that leverage our increasingly mobile and connected world.