The Team


Brian Gershon

mobile application developer

Brian Gershon is intrigued with creating applications that offer real-time collaboration, inspired by tools (such as Maptini and SubEthaEdit) which allow rooms full of people to work together in real-time for brainstorming, sharing information or taking collective notes.

Brian works as a web and mobile application developer in Seattle and is also an owner at Web Collective ( and Cloud Lasso Consulting (

Daniel Dosen

development and business management

Daniel Dosen is a small-business owner, consultant and independent developer. He's focused on creating applications and services leveraging the cloud to manage and view data in a rich, intuitive manner.

Daniel's a pre-iPad naysayer and post-iPad believer. The iPad and devices like it are great platforms for building data-driven apps that help you get stuff done.

Donald Desantis

user experience designer

Donald DeSantis started mindmapping in college, prompted by David Allen's "Getting Things Done". A confessed Apple fan-boy, he purchased an iPad on release day and promptly installed a mindmapping application. Donald works as a user-experience designer in Seattle where he lives with his wife and two bicycles.

Jennifer Cabala


Jeremy Lightsmith

product owner

Jeremy spends most of his time & energy building highly performant software development teams using tools like Agile, Lean, & Rails.

Maptini is an opportunity for Jeremy to practice what he preaches and create something beautiful!

Luke Haynes

graphics and textile designer

LUKE has been working with aesthetic and graphic presentation for a decade. His art work is hanging in several major cities in the US and showing on computers all across the world.

Sasha Pasulka

marketing coordinator

Sasha Pasulka wishes this app had been around when she was in college. Instead, she made her own boring outlines while getting a computer science degree and later an MBA. She's the CEO and founder of EB Media and a columnist for Seattle 2.0. She lives in Seattle, and she loves the rain.