Maptini lets you build mind maps collaboratively and take them anywhere. Build or edit maps on the Web, iPad or iPhone, and work in real time with your friends, classmates or colleagues. The maps you create or join are accessible on your account from anywhere, and changes to a map will sync and display instantly across devices. It’s a simple and intuitive tool for organizing and sharing your ideas from a lecture, a project, or a brainstorming session.

iPad OS 3.2
iPhone OS 3.1.3


Create your own mind maps from scratch with an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, or import/export existing maps. Maptini offers full keyboard support on the Web and multi-touch gestures on iPhone and iPad.


Take your mind maps anywhere. Maptini automatically syncs your maps to your account, so you can view and edit them on the Web as well as on the go, with our custom iPhone and iPad apps.


Share a link to your map with key collaborators, or make it public so anyone can contribute. Post a link to your map on Facebook or Twitter, or grab the embed code to show it off on your blog or website.


The Maptini interface is intuitive and powerful, including drag-and-drop node positioning, creation and transplanting. Position each node exactly where you want it, and use node and branch colors to add another layer of visual organization.


Build your maps in real time along with your team, classmates and friends. Once you’ve shared a map, your collaborators’ updates will appear instantly on your map, on any platform. Browse, search for or join a public map to participate in a global conversation.